Schedule of Presenters

Presenter Schedule

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Thursday Morning Schedule

Thursday, February 12

8:30 am Registration (Pre-Function Area)
9:00 am Welcome and Introduction (Auditorium) Jim Blackwell – SSPEED Center, Nikki Dictson – TWRI/TRA, Katie Coyne – Asakura Robinson, and Carolyn White – Memorial Park
9:30 AM Reclaiming the Bronx River: A Story of Community and Collaboration – Linda R. Cox
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM The Bar Room Brawl: Who Has The Right Approach to Urban Stream Restoration? – Ann L. Riley, PhD
11:45 AM Discussion & Conference Information
12:00 PM Lunch (Event Hall)

Thursday Afternoon Schedule

A: Restoring Urban Bayous & Streams B: Stormwater LID C: Outreach and Education
Moderator 1 Tina Hendon Katie Coyne Jacqueline Duke
Moderator 2 Anne Rogers Melissa Parker
1:00 PM Megan Henson

Funding Opportunity for WQ Improvement Projects

Margaret Robinson

District Integration: Green Infrastructure Systems of New Orleans’ Academy Park and Austin’s South Central Waterfront

Eugenia Barnes

Oso Creek Riparian Evaluation

1:25 PM Michelle Adlong

The J.J. Seabrook Stream Restoration, Rain Garden, and Urban Trail Project: Post-Construction Reflection

Marty Kelly/Lythia Metzmeier

Effect of Urbanization on Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Houston Metropolitan Region

Cinde Thomas-Jimenez  

Using Technology to Teach Riparian Education Through Flash Modules and Geocaching

1:50 PM Aarin Teague

Restoring Streams in the San Antonio River Basin

Michael F. Bloom, P.E.

The Business Case for Using Natural Drainage Facilities in New Suburban Development in the Houston Region

Lauren Willis

LID Demonstration Structures for Educational Opportunities

2:15 PM Justin T. Stewart

The Creative Restoration of Poquito Creek, It Keeps Growing

Michelle E. Garza

Upper San Antonio River Stormwater Retrofit BMPs Implementation of Watershed Protection Plan

Ana González

Grow Zones Program: Restoring Urban Creeks by Empowering Partner Organizations and Community Stewardship

2:40 PM Break Break Break


D: Restoring Urban Bayous & Streams E: Stormwater LID F: Outreach and Education
Moderator 1 Amy Truong Katie Coyne Jacqueline Duke
Moderator 2 Tina Hendon Anne Rogers Melissa Parker
3:00 Judy Walther

Habitat Creation in a Dynamic Delta Challenges in an Urban Wetland Project

Mateo Scoggins

Urban Stream Restoration at the Catchment Scale: Fixing Hydrology

Fouad Jaber

Educating Decision Makers on Natural Stream Design: An Overview of the Texas A&M AgriLife Stream Processes and Design Educational Program

3:25 John Clement

Invasive Plant Management and Shoreline Restoration on Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas

Ana González

Urban Hydrology Restoration: Proof of Concept Modeling

Blake Alldredge

Implementing Effective Strategies to Preserve Denton County Riparian Areas

3:50 David Mahler

Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida): Why this Native Annual Becomes a Problem, in urban riparian Corridors

Amy Grossman  

Rainscapes Pilot Project: Role of the Designer as Facilitator Between Science and Society

Hughes S. Simpson 

The Texas Forests and Drinking Water Partnership: A Source Water Protection Strategy

4:15 Amy Uyen Truong

Utilizing Drought-Resistant Plants in Urban Riparian Areas

Michelle Wood-Ramirez

Improving Drainage System Design in Bioretention Areas for Optimal Performance

Johnnie Smith

Texas Waters: Exploring Water and Watersheds

4:40 Liz Johnston 

City of Austin’s Regulatory Framework for Riparian Protection

Hannah Cruce

Quantifying Stormwater Runoff and Pollution Removal by Houston’s Urban Forest

Nikki Dictson

Transforming Management and Conservation for Riparian and Stream Enhancement, Protection and Restoration


Friday Morning Schedule

G: Restoration H: Riparian Vegetation & BMPs I: Watershed Development Effects
Moderator 1 Staryn Wagner Katie Coyne Amy Truong
Moderator 2 Clare Entwistle Blake Alldredge
9:00 AM Staryn Wagner

Oak Springs Channel Restoration: From Concrete Channel to Thriving Creek

Deborah January-Bevers

Looking Beyond Ecological Functions to the Value of Ecosystem Services: Incorporating Ecosystem Services into Infrastructure and Policy Decisions in the Greater Houston Region

Thomas Helm

Searching for the Original Meanders of Buffalo Bayou: Examination of Land Use and the Riparian Environment

9:25 Stan Wilson

Daylighting a Buried Urban Stream: A Practitioners Perspective at Oak Springs

Monica McGarrity

Implementing Large-Scale Management of Invasive Arundo (Arundo donax) in the Rapidly-Urbanizing Pedernales Watershed Headwaters

Vince Sortman

Flewellen Creek – How Watershed Development Can Accommodate Ecosystem Recovery

9:50 Clare Entwistle

Estimating Coastal Wetland Gains and Losses in Galveston County and Cameron County, TX

Darcy Nuffer

Riparian Vegetation Management Challenges in an Urban Park – A Case Study of Shoal Creek

Stefanie Lane

Assessing Characteristics & Health of Blackland Prairie Riparian Areas within Travis County

10:15 Anwar Alsanea

Utah Lake Eutrophication: Algae Blooms and the Role of Sediment-Water Column Interactions

Jeffery M. Coffey

Development of Management Alternatives for Large Woody Debris: An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Multifaceted Situation

Lindsay Olinde

Floodplain Assessment in the Blackland Prairie: A Geomorphic Perspective on Riparian Function

10:45 Break Break Break
11:00 Making Natural Stable Streams Work In An Urban Setting Closing Plenary – Carolyn White
11:35 Closing Remarks
12:00 Conclude

A designated poster session will be held at the reception on Thursday, February 16th from 5 PM – 6 PM. Posters will also be on display in the main exhibit hall throughout the conference.

Poster Presentations:

Anwar Alsanea – Utah Lake Eutrophication: Algae Blooms and the Role of Sediment-Water Column Interactions

Eugenia Barnes and Jessica Wright – Relating Water Quality and Riparian Conditions on Oso Creek, Rural and Urban Areas, Nueces County, Texas

Susan Chadwick – Green Stormwater Infrastructure with Overlapping Riparian Influence on Water Quality, Destruction of Riparian Area, Floods

Stephen Curtis – Monitoring Effect of Arundo (Arundo donax) Management on Barons Creek in the Pedernales Watershed Headwaters

Ana González – Girdling Trees: Low Impact Invasive Tree Management

Thomas Helm – Examination of Collapse Failures Along the Banks of an Artificially Straightened Meandering River: Examples from Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas

Ioannis Kamarinas – A Novel Methodology for Watershed-Scale Riparian Buffer Placement to Improve Water Quality in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Hanyan Li –  All About Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins for Utah Lake

Colleen Peters – A Comparison of Microplastic Ingestion between Freshwater Sunfish and Marine Croaker and Pinfish

Cliff Tyllick –  Getting Volunteers Their Time’s Worth in Riparian Restoration