Riparian Online Resources and Videos

The Riparian and Stream Ecosystem Education Workshop will include the following presentations for the indoor portion of the training:

You Tube Videos – Voice over PowerPoint Presentations

1. Riparian and Watershed Management: Steve Nelle, Retired USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

2. Stream Processes and Hydrology: Ryan McGillicuddy, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

3. Riparian Vegetation and hindrances to Healthy Riparian Areas: Steve Nelle, USDA NRCS

4. Management Practices and Local Resources: Nikki Dictson, Texas Water Resources Institute

5. Riparian Considerations for Land Operators: Lori Hazel, Texas A&M Forest Service

Riparian Mini-Modules  

Nueces River Authority

Understanding Lane’s Balance for streams – A You Tube video with Steve Nelle explaining Lane’s Balance.

Understanding Your Remarkable Riparian Area – A webinar on You Tube featuring Sky Jones-Lewey of the Nueces River Authority that was sponsored by Texas Wildlife Association and AgriLife Extension Service in 2012.


PowerPoint Presentations

Understanding Creek and Riparian Areas (powerpoint presentation)

Stream Dynamics & Hydrology (powerpoint presentation)

Riparian Vegetation (powerpoint presentation)

Forestry Riparian BMPs (powerpoint presentation)

PowerPoint Presentations for Double Bayou Watershed Workshop on September 24, 2014

Water, Watershed Planning & Texas Riparian and Stream Ecosystems CAECN Jan 28, 2016


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