About TRA

Mission Statement

The Texas Riparian Association’s mission is to improve and enhance the health of water quality and quantity in Texas’s streams, by encouraging sustainable and balanced riparian ecosystems for the people and the environment of Texas through the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and the dissemination of information.

The Texas Riparian Association is a statewide organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Texas communities, by promoting an appreciation of the benefits of healthy rivers.  TRA pursues its mission by identifying and filling information needs, and by communicating with professionals in the field of land and water conservation, public officials, landowners, academia, and the people of Texas.


Vision Statement

Our vision is that the network of rivers and creeks in Texas is protected and preserved for and by the people of Texas, who recognize and appreciate their reliance on healthy riparian ecosystems for an improved quality of life.  TRA’s vision is that landowners, academics, public agencies and conservationists work together as partners, sharing best practices and knowledge that result in public policy and funding for the preservation and restoration of Texas’s water resources, stream habitat and recreational areas.


Texas Riparian Association

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