Poster Session


Presenter Name Poster Title
Andreina Alexatos Integrated Stormwater Management for an Environmentally-Sensitive Area
Megan Brown Using GIS to Perform DRASTIC Evaluations for Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination
Stephen Davis Developing a Stream Stability Index: Evaluation from the ground up
Angela E. England A Biodiversity Restoration Tool: Girdling to Create Canopy Gaps in Privet-Dominated Riparian Forests
Acayla Haile Arundo donax Control Program
Kirstin Hein Analysis of Surface Water Quality for Carters and Burton Creek – Year One
Megan Helton Youth Engagement in Ecological Restoration
Olive Hershey The Struggle for Control over the Urban Commons Case Study: Buffalo Bayou and The Memorial Park Demonstration Project
Tom Ludwig Changing the Channel
Kathryn Nichols Engaging Diverse Voices in Multiple-objective Stream Projects
Colleen Peters Occurrence of Microplastic Particles in the Stomach Contents of Sunfish from the Brazos River Basin, Central Texas