2014 TRA Business Meeting

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Texas Riparian Association

Annual Meeting and Social Gathering

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Landry’s Riverwalk

517 N. Presa Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

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On Tuesday, May 27th, we gathered in San Antonio at Landry’s Riverwalk for an evening social and conversation about the future of Texas riparian management and the Texas Riparian Association (TRA).

At this meeting we met the Texas Riparian Board and learned how to get involved. There were presentations about our past workshops, conferences and then we planned the future of the TRA.


5:30 pm           Appetizers and Spirits (Wine, Beer, and Sodas)

6:00-6:30pm    Program

– Welcome and Introduction by TRA President,

Board Reports

Association Project Updates and a Call for Participation

6:30-8:00pm    Social Time

We are at a critical moment in Texas history as our population rapidly grows and urban and rural development impacts all of our Texas waterways and our water supply. Proper management and restoration of riparian ecosystems are a key part of a sustainable future for Texas, yet riparian issues are largely neglected by policy makers and media. Together we can make a difference.

TRA can be the vehicle for change, if you get involved with helping to building this organization.  For more information about TRA check out our website – www.texasriparian.org

Join the Texas Riparian listserv and communicate with others across the state about riparian issues. Join our board or volunteer to help with a TRA project – workshops, website development, newsletter, and more.   Contact us with additional ideas about how you can help TRA achieve its goals. Again, the key is you and your active participation in the TRA.

Join the Texas Riparian Listserv at the TRA Website – www.texasriparian.org

Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TexasRiparianAssociation